7-Eleven will double the price of its famous coffee

7 ElevenAustralia’s famous $1 coffees and Slurpees are about to become the latest victims of the cost of living crisis.

The company has announced that it will have to raise the price of its “iconic freshly ground coffee” for the first time in 13 years.

As of October 4, the price of a regular coffee will double, going from $1 to $2.

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7-Eleven’s $1 coffees and Slurpees will cease to exist. (CNN)

“In order to continue to serve you the same quality cup we all know and love, we will have to increase the price in October,” 7-Eleven said in a statement, which was shared on its Facebook page.

7-Eleven will also increase the price of its $1 Slurpees, Iced Coffee and “Hot Chockee” products.

A large Slurpee will be $1.50 starting October 4th.

“These price changes are the result of sustained cost increases across the board that have made existing prices unsustainable,” 7-Eleven explained in the statement.

The statement warned that customers will be able to reduce the price of their coffee by 50 cents if they bring their own reusable cup.

The news of the price increase has received mixed reactions from customers.


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Many Facebook users have commented that they will continue to buy cheap 7-Eleven coffee and praised the company for offering a discount to encourage customers to be environmentally friendly.

Others have said that the price hike is going too far.

“A 100 percent price increase is too much, guys, it should be an incremental increase, say $1.30 or $1.50,” one customer commented.

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