Cadbury launches new flavors Rocky Road, Birthday Cake and Caramilk

Chocolate giant Cadbury has launched three new versions of its Marvelous Creations range, with one flavor in particular sure to catch the eye of shoppers.

A decade after the first Marvelous Creations range hit shelves, there are now Rocky Road, Birthday Cake and Caramilk versions of the sweet treat.

All three bars will be sold in 190g bars for $5 from the end of August.

“Our new range from Marvelous Creations is a delight for the young at heart, reminding us of the excitement and wonder of childhood wrapped up in delicious Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate,” said Paul Chatfield, the company’s vice president of marketing.

“The launch of these three new flavours, including the combination of the iconic Caramilk from Cadbury and Marvelous Creations, is a world first and set to be one of our biggest launches yet, combining two familiar favorites in one delicious and delicious taste experience. only”.

The three new chocolate blocks will be available exclusively at Woolworths.

Woolworths Category Manager Mitchell Greatorex said: “Cadbury is a household name and we are delighted to exclusively offer three eclectic new flavors for Woolworths customers to purchase.

“We look forward to seeing Proudly Made in Australia products on shelves available to chocolate lovers later this month.”

The launch is timed to celebrate the centenary of Cadbury chocolate manufacturing in Australia.

Many are excited about the debut of the new flavors, with one saying they needed a block for tonight.

“Ohhhh, I need to try this!!!” said a social media user.

“My favorite plus your favorite,” one person said after tagging their friend.

“Match made in heaven.”

Chef Nick Vavitis reviewed the product, rating it 15 out of 10.

“This could be my candy bar of the year, oh my gosh it’s good,” she wrote on Instagram.

“The Caramilk is grade A, it literally tastes like a milky gold bar and the best part about these new Cadbury bars is that they have loaded them with mixes.

“It’s like eating candy and M&Ms together. The mixes taste good and you can’t not be happy eating candy in your mouth.”

It comes a month after Cadbury introduced its Boysenberry Ripple block from New Zealand to Australia.

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