30 WWE Wrestlers With Champion Rides


Though it might not be quite the sensation as it was in the 90s, it’s safe to say that professional wrestling isn’t going anywhere. The WWE is especially known for rocketing otherwise unknown fighters to the heights of stardom and riches. It’s no wonder that these pro entertainers love to spend their cash on all the luxuries of fame – and that includes impressive new or classic cars. Check out our faves below!

File:2018-04-10 20-56-06 ILCE-6500 DSC09024 (41785021371).jpg
Noon Plastic via Wikicommons

30. Seth Rollins’ Lamborghini

This Grand Slam Champion revealed his black beauty just a few years ago. Other Lambos have sold for nearly $150k at auction, so it’s safe to say this purchase reflects the wealth and success that Seth Rollins is enjoying. With a net worth over $4 million, this rising star isn’t coming back to earth any time soon.

File:WWE Smackdown IMG 8493 (15353354441).jpg
Megan Meadows via Wikicommons

29. Charlotte Flair’s Lamborghini Gallardo

As the daughter of WWE mainstay Ric Flair, Charlotte has a legacy of success to represent, and boy, does she ever. Making her mark in the industry has come with some sweet rewards, including her gorgeous Gallardo. It’s thanks to women like her taking on key roles in the WWE (both in the ring and out of it) that wrestling is no longer considered an exclusively male domain.

File:Lamborghini on display at UW (4048084174).jpg
Magnus Manske via Wikicommons

28. Roman Reigns’ Corvette Z06

Roman Reigns isn’t immune to the draw of a luxury exotic – like so many others, his collection includes a Lamborghini of his very own – but there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned muscle car to complement those guns. This ex-football player definitely understands the value of a solid American car!

File:Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2006 Ulva.jpg
Staffan Andersson via WIkicommons

27. Jeff Hardy’s Lamborghini Aventador

Jeff and his brother Matt made a name for themselves in the ring as, of course, The Hardy Boyz. Once he had banked some cash, Jeff celebrated his success with this Italian monster, setting him back almost a cool half-mil and joining the Lambo club of wrestling superstars!

File:Lamborghini Aventador SVJ at Monza.jpg
Yuk4woo via Wikicommons

26. Alberto Del Rio’s Rolls-Royce Phantom

So much of wrestling entertainment is the spectacle, and what’s more spectacular than rolling up to the ring in this vintage stunner? Del Rio rocked up to a fight with Edge in this absolute beast – and ended up (supposedly) seeing it destroyed. Talk about a wild show! 

File:Punk bulldogs Del Rio.jpg
Jerry Swiatek via Wikicommons

25. The Rock’s Pagani Huayra

Being the world’s most popular wrestling star hasn’t made Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson any less practical or cool. Despite successfully crossing into Hollywood to become a major film star, The Rock keeps a reserved car collection, focusing on quality more than quantity. And this rare million-dollar supercar, one of the fastest in the world, is definitely his crown jewel. 

File:Pagani Huayra , Grand Basel 2018 11.jpg
Ank Kumar via Wikicommons

24. Chuck Palumbo’s 1965 Chevy Corvette Stingray

Palumbo doesn’t have the name recognition of some of his colleagues, but he’s a mid-card mainstay with loads of TV time. He spends his real life as a custom motorcycle fabricator and collects classic cars to boot. This rare and remarkable Corvette has the original paint job, reflecting Chuck’s dedication to his collection. 

File:1970s Chevy Corvette Stingray (9384135705).jpg
Michael Gil via Wikicommons

23. Eddie Guerrero’s Lowrider

Guerrero definitely brought the Latino Heat with his green Impala lowrider. Eddie was extremely popular in the 90s for both his skills and persona, and made the lowrider a part of his signature image, even renting local versions on tour. There’s no overstating how much this key part of Chicano culture became iconic to collectors and car buffs alike. 

File:Lowrider Chicago SuperShow 2010.jpg
Gozamos via Wikicommons

22. Andre The Giant’s Cadillac

This sports entertainment behemoth amassed a small car collection including this Cadillac Fleetwood. This model is famous for its smooth luxury feel, detailed design, and (especially important) impressively spacious interior. The early passing of Andre the Giant is still mourned by wrestling fans and costars alike – his huge personality, talent, and stature made him famous, but his kindness keeps his memory alive. 

File:Andre the Giant (86288815).jpg
John McKeon via Wikicommons

21. John Cena’s Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350

John Cena went from an unknown to a household name faster than anyone could have expected, delighting wrestling fans and moviegoers alike. Like so many in the ring, Cena loves to collect classic cars, and this bright yellow speedster is one of his favorites. Already a rare stunner off the line, Cena customized his unit to make it truly his own. 

File:1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350.jpg
Dave Parker via Wikicommons

20. Hulk Hogan’s Camaro

A legendary muscle car for a legendary muscle man! Hulk Hogan once had a car collection rivalling the largest in the world, and snapped up loads of rare and new designs. This one, though, is especially unique to Hogan – it’s modified to his own specifications and stands out in every way.

File:WWE Raw IMG 5754 (13772931635).jpg
Megan Meadows via Wikicommons

19. Bill Goldberg’s 1965 Shelby Cobra

The Shelby Cobra is a rare and desirable roadster from the mind of an automotive icon. This classic is among the many in Bill Goldberg’s collection, bought with the spoils from his meteoric rise to fame in the 90’s. He’s kept this one in original, pristine form, and it’s still an example of fine car design.

File:1965 AC Shelby Cobra.jpg
David Merrett via Wikicommons

18. Madusa’s Monster Truck

No one could look at this behemoth and claim that pink is a color for softies. This neon demon belongs to Alundra Blayze, who blazed trails for women in pro wrestling in the 90s. She picked it up as part of her involvement with the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling and has since been winning titles on the professional monster truck circuit. 

File:Madusa Monster Truck 2014.jpg
Rob Bixby via Wikicommons

17. Sheamus’ DeLorean

If there’s one thing you can say about a DeLorean, it’s that it’s a bold look. What could be more suitable for the Celtic warrior himself, Sheamus? This iconic and recognizable vehicle might be the only car with personality enough to measure up to the bearded Irish phenomenon.

File:Delorean DMC-12 side.jpg
Kevin Abato via Wikicommons

16. Triple H’s Motorcycle

Triple H has had an unmatched WWE career after a false start with WCW during the early 90s. He’s long since retired from the ring, but this legend made a name for himself with a fiery personality and a unique, roaring three-wheeled motorcycle. It’s likely no one will ever match this sensational signature vehicle.

File:HHH & Steph McMahon WM34 crop.jpg
Nici Heart via Wikicommons

15. Dave Bautista’s Lamborghini

Bautista has started to make a name for himself on the silver screen, appearing in major blockbusters and finding a place in the sprawling – and lucrative – Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like his career, his car collection is rumored to be just as varied and impressive. His Lambo, probably his favorite sports car, has been customized for peak performance on both the road and the racetrack. 

File:WWE 2014-04-07 20-23-08 NEX-6 1281 DxO (13929502391).jpg
Miguel Discart via Wikicommons

14. Dave Bautista’s Motorcycle

What could be more bad-ass than a Harley? Alongside a list of vintage and modern exotic sports cars, Bautista maintains a small motorcycle collection, of which this classic is a real favorite. The styling may be a bit old-fashioned, but the performance still can’t be beat. 

File:WWE Raw IMG 5855 (13773384244).jpg
Megan Meadows via Wikicommons

13. The Undertaker’s Chopper

Speaking of iconic motorcycles, The Undertaker is so committed to the American motorcycle that his own all-white model – named ”Ghost” – has become an indelible part of his entire wrestling persona. As much an art piece as a machine, the Undertaker takes his dangerous bad-ass aesthetic to the next level with this roaring monster. And with an admirable collection at home, you know he takes his choppers seriously.

File:Undertaker prematch.jpg
Flickr via Wikicommons

12. The Miz’s Jeep Wrangler

The Miz’s Wrangler is a singular car for a man with a singular path to fame. Sticking with the WWE after ending up a finalist in the Tough Enough competition, The Miz is equally loyal to this icon of strength and endurance. His Jeep is fully customized with all the features, making sure that this trademark remains unique.

File:Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (red) on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach 1of2.jpg
CZMarlin via Wikicommons

11. Stone Cold’s 1995 Bronco

The Bronco is a notorious 90’s monster just like Stone Cold, so it makes sense that this would be his favorite. This was the last model to include a removable top on a full-size SUV, and while the company has endured, the 1995 model is still the benchmark. Austin keeps this baby out on the road with routine maintenance and a variety of aftermarket modifications. 

File:Ford bronco concept.jpg
Y2KFirehawk via Wikicommons

10. Stone Cold’s Pickup

Stone Cold rose to fame during the “Attitude Era” of wrestling history. Fights were characterized by brash and sensational storylines, and not a little bit of spectacle. More than once, Stone Cold rolled up ringside in one of the company’s decal-emblazoned black pick-ups. Austin wasn’t shy about courting controversy either by flipping from the original Chevy CK to the rival Ford F-150.

File:Stone Cold Steve Austin (4840047167).jpg
Gage Skidmore via Wikicommons

9. Kaitlyn’s Jeep

Someone call the Miz, it’s time for an extreme off-road battle. This custom Wrangler has a lifted suspension and is fully set up for hardcore terrain. Decals, new wheels and lighting details definitely set this hot pink beast ahead of the crowd.

File:Kaitlyn bodyscissors on Maxine.jpg
Simon via Wikicommons

8. Randy Orton’s Hummer

Randy Orton is notorious for his bad-boy, can’t-be-tamed image. What could be more suitable for this champion than the overbearing, intimidating Hummer H2? This classic icon of indulgence is almost the same as when it rolled off the line, boasting only some new rims to complement that infamous silhouette.

File:Hummer H2 orlando 2004-2.jpg
Gijsevers via Wikicommons

7. Baron Corbin’s Motorcycle

Baron Corbin is no stranger to fame after making the move from an NFL career into the WWE. His collection definitely reflects that history of success, including his prized custom Harley cruiser. His character might be a heel, but in real life Corbin is pretty reserved. He still makes time to get on the road around his neighborhood on this stylish, unique bike.

File:Baron Corbin USA Champion 2.jpg
HHH Pedigree via Wikicommons

6. Natalya’s 2011 Volkswagen CC

Far from her bombastic on-screen tastes, Natalya’s own taste in vehicles drifts towards comfort and luxury. The Volkswagen CC isn’t exactly one of the brands iconic cars, but it’s got great value and all the features. Looks like this champion is riding in style.

File:Natalya abdominal stretch on Layla.jpg
Megan Meadows via Wikicommons

5. John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s Limo

A champion among champions, Bradshaw’s millionaire persona needed a millionaire’s ride – and this custom limo definitely delivers. There were two versions of this car, a classic stretch and a newer Towncar, but there’s no mistaking those signature bull horns. It probably didn’t go home with him at the end of the night but definitely this trademark was a key part of his image and of every tour appearance. 

File:JBL as WWE Champion.jpg
Oakster via Wikicommons

4. Hulk Hogan’s Dodge Challenger Hellcat

After recovering from a difficult divorce that claimed a lot of his massive car collection, Hogan has started to rebuild his life, and this Hellcat is a great symbol of that. It’s brand-new but uses a classic racing design. We hope Hulk Hogan gets the most out of his time on the road in this absolute speed demon.

File:2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat (28456827004).jpg
OceanAtoll via Wikicommons

3. Vince McMahon’s Bentley Continental GT

Let’s step out of the ring for a moment and take a look at the man behind the whole WWE. Vince McMahon doesn’t need flash and customization to make his mark on the road. His off-the-line Continental GT boasts amazing luxury and performance, as comfortable on the track as it is on the city streets.

File:Bentley Continental GT-1.jpg
Alice Volkswarden via Wikicommons

2. Hulk Hogan’s 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Yellow Fever

No list of wrestler rides would be complete without the iconic Rumble Bee SRT-10. This standout truck draws as much attention for its bright paint job as it does for its powerful engine. The Dodge Ram has never fully stood out from the crowd of pick-ups but this vehicle is strong, spacious, and practical.

File:2005 Dodge RAM SRT-10 8.3 Front.jpg
Vauxford via Wikicommons

1. Hulk Hogan’s Arlen Ness Custom Chopper

Arlen Ness has sadly passed away, but his legend is maintained by his signature custom bike designs. Hogan went with a double-wide design which still looked small compared to his “Hulk”-ing physique. This unique monster echoed the Harley in silhouette but is definitely an icon of its designer and its famous driver.


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